I came to Christ as a 16-year-old, though I grew up in church. On a Tuesday night, at a revival service, I realized I was lost without Jesus. That night, though I don’t remember what I prayed, I surrendered my life to him. I went to college and grad school thinking surely I would be a college administrator. God had different ideas when he called me to ministry while a student at the University of South Carolina. I graduated, did youth ministry for several years, and came to Grace in 2001 as pastor.

I am married to Wendy who balances my intensity and nerdiness. She owns her own bakery, Nothin Fancy, and makes delicious cinnamon rolls. We have Hannah who is married to Michael and lives in Marion. Trent plays basketball and leads sixth graders in a Life Group. One interesting fact: since Wendy and I have been married, we’ve had more than a dozen kids (other than our own) live with us at one point or another!

We love all things Disney, Duke Basketball, South Carolina football and I especially like working in my yard. We live in a 120-year-old house which alone is a part-time job. Come summer our front porch (and now back porch) are the center of homemade ice cream and conversations long into the night.